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      Asset Refinance

      Unlock cash for your company using your existing assets.

      Release capital from your company's existing assets

      Consolidate debt and reduce monthly overheads

      Option to own the asset at the end of the term

      What is Asset Refinance?

      If your business owns assets such as plant, machinery, vehicles, construction equipment, manufacturing and engineering equipment or property, you can access a cash lump sum using the value of these assets. If you partially own an asset, the lender will assess your share in the item before working out how much to offer you upfront.

      In cases where the item was acquired under a hire purchase agreement, your new lender will pay off the company that provided you with the original contract and technically become your new lessor, until you are in a position to take ownership of the goods by completing the payment plan.

      commercial vehicle

      Is refinancing your assets the right move for your business?

      This sale & HP back or sale & leaseback approach is often the ideal option for organisations that are asset-rich but cash-poor. It allows these businesses to raise funds that can be put towards new equipment or other significant purchases, without putting the firm in financial jeopardy.

      Asset refinance can also help you:

      • Support business growth
      • Raise deposits for new business purchases
      • Navigate restructures and turnarounds
      • Improve finance ready for a management buy-out, buy-in, or change of ownership
      • Get into a healthier financial position for a new business acquisition
      • Consolidate debt
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      Hire Purchase

      What you'll need to be approved for asset refinance

      Our brokers will usually need the following information in order to make an asset refinance application on your behalf:

      • Copies of your latest filed accounts
      • Up to date management information
      • Copies of your business bank statements from the last 3 months
      • Information on the assets that need to be financed, including their make, model, and year of manufacture
      • Your reasons for seeking a refinance deal

      We will find you the finance you need to succeed...

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