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      Property Finance

      Explore ways to purchase and finance your property or development.

      A wide range of property finance options available

      Commercial mortgages, bridging loans, development finance, portfolio finance

      Specialist commercial property lenders covering all aspects of property finance

      What is Property Finance?

      Property finance provides business owners, investors, developers, and landlords with the means of purchasing or maintaining their greatest physical assets.

      At Highland Finance, we provide access to a range of property finance options, including:

      Commercial Mortgages

      Commercial mortgages work in the same way as standard residential mortgages, except they are used to aid the purchase of an office, retail unit, industrial building, or perhaps even a large Buy-to-Let portfolio. They are often required by more established businesses that want to expand into new locations or buy their own premises instead of renting their workspace from someone else.

      Development Finance

      Take out a development finance loan, and your lender will provide you with money to purchase your desired property and finish any necessary building or remedial works. You can source development finance that enables you to sell, hold for let, or reside in the building once it's been completed. Most development finance loans are issued in staged releases, meaning you will receive a percentage of the total loan upfront, and the rest in pre-agreed instalments as the build progresses.

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      Property Finance

      Bridging Loans

      Bridging loans are short-term funding options that can bridge the gap between monies being spent, and your business seeing a tangible return from your investment. These types of loans are commonly used by UK investors who want to buy a new home before they have sold their current home, or break a property chain. However, there are no limitations on how the funds can be applied once they have been raised.

      For example, bridging loans can also be used to release equity from a property quickly, before refinancing with another lender; to secure a property at an auction, when the auctioneer will require the funds to be settled within a tight timeframe; to renovate a property for sale; or to upsize or downsize a property without taking out a new mortgage.

      Finance Agreements

      Bridging loans usually last between 1 – 24 months and are very much designed as a temporary financing solution in cases where cash flow has stalled, bad credit has become an issue, or building work needs to be completed quickly on a property that has been acquired by the company to make it habitable.

      Portfolio Finance Agreements

      It doesn't matter if your portfolio contains a mixture of commercial offices, residential homes, student lets, HMOs, and/or retail or hospitality premises – you can use portfolio finance to combine all your assets into one mortgage, meaning you only need to set up one direct debit every month to cover all your repayments. Contact our experienced commercial portfolio finance brokers for more information.

      Why speak to our brokers?

      After determining your business's requirements, our brokers can approach high street banks and more specialist lenders on your behalf with a view to comparing the best possible property finance deals from a broader range of providers. You'll get faster approvals, more attractive rates, and a smoother experience all round with Highland Finance by your side – and best of all, we'll manage all the negotiations for you.

      We will find you the finance you need to succeed...

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